New York Clinics November and
the November 2021

Bring your own horse and join us in a very exciting and instructive clinic with one of Denmarks best equine behavior trainers, Mia Lykke Nielsen.

At the clinic you will: 

  • Learn to understand and use the horses own language

  • Learn how the horse choose you as its natural leader

  • Discover the leader in yourself

  • Learn how humans and horses can work together using the horses natural behavior

  • Learn to ride in a way that reduces conflicts in regards to the horses physics, psyche and nature

  • Learn to sharpen your awareness in regard to the wellbeing of your horse based on behavior

  • Achieve an unique knowledge about your horse, that makes it possible to detect if and where your horse suffers from pain


The Kaaterskill, 424 High Falls Road Ext. Catskill NY 12414 - It is possible to stay at the Katerskill during the Clinic.  


Catskill Equestrian Center, 118 Casle Road, Catskill, NY 12414 - Here the Clinic will take part.


We have room for 7 participants and their horses. We have few horses for rent, if you are prevented from bringing your own.



$600 for 2 1/2 half days

If you bring your own horse, we can offer housing with full care for $50 per day or self care for $25 per day.

Renting a horse (limited): $75 per day (you need it for 2 days)

To come and "watch & learn" without a horse:

$150 all days, and $60 for 1 day. Children half price!


During the clinic it is possible to stay at:

The kaaterskill -

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