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Weekend course
in Denmark

7-9 June 2024

-4 August 2024 

Join us in a very exciting and instructive clinic with one of Denmarks best equine behavior trainers, Mia Lykke Nielsen.

It is possible to bring your own horse or to be a spectator to Watch & Learn!

Upcoming courses date:

7-9 June 2024


2-4 August 2024


Book your own Clinic with a max of 7 people who will be working with horses. Spectators is also possible.

Write to us: for booking. 


At the clinic you will: 

  • Learn to understand and use the horses own language

  • Learn how the horse choose you as its natural leader

  • Discover the leader in yourself

  • Learn how humans and horses can work together using the horses natural behavior

  • Learn to ride in a way that reduces conflicts in regards to the horses physics, psyche and nature

  • Learn to sharpen your awareness in regard to the wellbeing of your horse based on behavior

  • Achieve an unique knowledge about your horse, that makes it possible to detect if and where your horse suffers from pain


You and your horse will go through the WHC method and work with leadership. You will be the expert on your own horse and learn about its language, signals, history and behavior. At the Clinic, we will work with every horse individual, meeting the level and wishes from the owners.



Arrival friday with a short introduction. 

Day 1: We are working with leadership. We learn about body language, behavior, and problem-solving. We are working with the horses completely free one at the time. 

Day 2: We continue the leadership training from the ground and also in the riding. We get the horse to choose to be a riding horse and thereby be more cooperative. We work with problems in riding, and individual wishes and goals. You learn to ride without a bit and in a cordeo. And maybe completely free! 


All participants and horses must be covered by insurance. 

Practical information:

We serve tea, coffee, water and a light lunch during the course. ​

Pictures are taken and filmed along the way. ​

It's possible to bring your own horse and let it stay over the night. 

Address: ​ Sister Svenstrup byvej 2. 4130 Viby Sjælland. Denmark​

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