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Horsemanship camp for kids and teenagers in Denmark 2023 one week from 15th July-20 July
and 22th July- 27th July

You kids will learn fast! A lot faster than adults. It will become second nature to read the horse’s signals and even use its way of speaking.

At the same time, you’ll learn about leadership and your inner leader. A leader that you can use when working with the horse as well as in group situations at school when you need others to listen. You’ll learn to trust your intuition – and to believe in yourself.

You will develop alongside the horse. And when you return home, you will have this unique and powerful life experience with skills that you can use throughout your whole life.


  • You work with the horse completely free of equipment – no lead rope or bridle.

  • You learn to understand the horse’s language.

  • You learn about the ‘horse workout’.

  • You ride, jump and perform dressage – without the bit and often without the saddle.

  • You work according to your own needs and wants.

  • You have great fun.

  • You treat the parents to a horse show on the last day together with the other participants.

Feel free to take your own horse. Mia also has horses available for loan.

697,77 Euro- DKK 5200,-

Would you like to join? Send application

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