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Mie J. Hansen

Vet and qualified animal behaviour therapist

I am a big fan of Mia’s training methods especially because the horses get to experience riding without any equipment. This allows the horse to choose, which means any confrontation between the horse and rider is avoided.


This method is especially good for horses that have experienced discomfort or pain in riding. 


In addition, Mia is really good at detecting any physical limitations or injuries so they can be treated.


Bent Welsh Cob

Welsh Cob breeder

Mia gets the best out of every horse with her love and fantastic understanding


I am extremely impressed. Mia has had several of my stallions in saddle training. One horse (that was imported) was particularly problematic, but he has completely transformed into a fantastic stallion.


I have even trained a stallion myself using Mia’s methods. I wouldn’t send my horses to just anybody, but I am always happy to send them to Mia for her to saddle train them.

Pernille Manley Hansen 

Dressage rider

My gelding Solair at 1.80 metres has been saddle trained without a bit using the When Horses Choose method.


As I’m mainly a dressage rider, I’ve never ridden without a bit before. But following Mia’s training, I have found that it can be done as long as leadership is well and truly in place.


I ride my gelding on the track without any problems now and have started terrain training. 


I thoroughly recommend that others use this method because it is not based on coercion.

Helena Turunen 

Manager of Treatment and Riding therapy at Nordic Park.


Our horses are trained using the When Horses Choose method.


We need our horses to be confident and trustworthy. The training works because it is sympathetic to the horse’s needs and is based on their own language.


Thanks to the training, our horses are obedient and respond to the subtlest of commands – even without a bit.

Stutteri Bakkely fellpony

We’ve been using When Horses Choose at our stud farm in Bakkely for the last 10 years. 


In the beginning, it was Mia who saddle trained each young horse. But after learning her methods and applying them, we are now able to do this ourselves.


Anika Morton

Qualified trainer and teacher, Askov Ridecenter

I recently sent my Trakehner mare into training at Mia’s because it was showing resistance to the rider during mounting. Mia solved the problem in a horse-friendly and competent manner. 


My son Arnold has attended Mia’s riding camp over several summers and has become really good at horsemanship. I am a qualified trainer and teach at Askov Riding Centre.

I use Mia’s methods every day and will always recommend her.

Charlotte Rask

Equestrian therapist and Icelandic horse breeder

I train my horses every day using Mia’s methods. I think this approach is extremely practical. When I use her methods, the horse trusts me as its leader and follows my every signal. 

This approach creates a sense of calm, harmony and security for both horse and human, which is very important for me as a rider and for my work as a riding therapist.

Malou Benoni Willumsen 

Øhavets School

Unconditional love and respect for the horse’s inner being. For Mia, the horse always comes first. If Mia meets horses that have lost their trust in humans, she always finds a way to help them trust again.


There are no quick fixes or clever tricks to get these lasting results.

Anja J K Kristiansen

Western rider with 35 years’ experience

I called Mia after a 10-month struggle, not knowing what to do with my five-year-old gelding. 

He was a misunderstood pony with a troubled past and I struggled to find someone who could help. After a week with Mia, my pony was completely calm and in balance. 

Mia’s methods are entirely logical and have made me think and act in a completely new way.

Sara Andersen

Knowledge consultant and rider

Mia and her training methods have made a huge difference to me and to my horse – a senior gelding.


I’m aware of the horse’s behaviour and its physical limits and have managed to establish clear leadership, which means that he is now completely cooperative and easy to ride.

Charlotte Frigast Jarnhus

I was very sceptical. I had almost given up hope of turning my horse from a problematic horse into the fantastic riding horse I’d always wanted. 


I’ve been with my horse right from the start – even when it was born 8 years ago. I have tried everything but have had nothing but problems. When I went to Mia, I’d almost given up completely. But now, after three weeks of training with Mia, I can ride my beautiful horse without a bit or saddle. 


I cannot thank Mia enough!

Stenavångens Gård

Friesian and Irish Cob breeders, Sweden

What’s most important for us is that there is a trusting relationship between horse and human. That’s why we send our horses to Mia. Horses are free to choose humans as their leader without force. 

Once leadership is well established, the training lasts forever. Mia has trained several of our horses and we have never been disappointed.

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