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When Horses Choose - the method by Mia Lykke Nielsen

When Horses Choose - the method by Mia Lykke Nielsen

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When Horses Choose, The Method

By Mia Lykke Nielsen


This video is for all of you who wants to learn the Method “When Horses Choose”. To all of you who wants to develop better contact and communication with your horses.


To all of you who wants a better understanding and cooperation based on trust, leadership, free choice and without force and the need for equipment.

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This is a complete introduction to the WhenHorsesChoose Method

This is not a finely polished show video or a 30-minute transformation video. This is a thorough introduction for you who wants to work with the method yourself and need all the answers and the thoughts behind - to obtain the knowledge required to exercise the method.

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Private Facebook group access

When you buy this product you are welcome to join our private FB group WHC Online Training, where Mia will answer questions about her training in live streams on these dates:

  • 2nd April 2024

  • 14th May 2024

  • 11th June 2024

Time: 5pm CET (17:00 DK tid).

Please note that this group is only accessable if you have bought the video.

Go to the group here: WHC Online Training


Video lesson overview

Session 1+2:

  • Freedom

  • Safe Haven

  • The fight about leadership has begun

Session 3:

  • Hierarchy

  • The leadership is been established

Session 4:

  • Trust

  • Love

  • Stand exercise 

  • Environmental training

Session 5:

  • Language - element

  • Pressure points

  • Free acceptance of the rider - exercise

  • Riding - bitless and cordeo

Review of the movie When Horses Choose,  The Method

By Gitte Nordahl, psychotherapist at Team Nordahl

Horses choose completely freely - once and for all.


The method is without comparison the best I have become acquainted with. In the 12 years, I have been the owner and manager of Team Nordahl Treatment Center, we have exclusively used Mia's method, When Horses Choose, for horse handling, and my claim is that this particular method has contributed greatly to our success in using horses in treatment.

Mia Lykke Nielsen manages to work with difficult relationships between horse and human with simplicity and accessibility through the method When Horses Choose.
The film illustrates the method step by step and always on the horse's terms.


Mia does what the horse in the herd does and therefore the horse understands Mia's way of communicating after just a few seconds. 

It all takes place through clear body language which forms the framework for the interaction. Mia shows in an understandable and fine way how the method is based on the horse's natural behavior - the behavior all horses have from birth.

Everyone can learn the method and it works - EVERY TIME.

The starting point is that a horse is a horse - and not a human! Mia impressively manages throughout the film to become the lead horse based on what the horse shows her in the present.


She lets the horse choose her and it does so when she is clear and trustworthy in the relationship and the contact.

Mia releases the horse completely free because when the horse chooses completely free, they do so forever. That's the essence of the “When Horses Choose” method. The horse has a sanctuary where it can express itself through its behavior. It takes a break from the relationship, it can say yes or no to the collaboration - it can breathe and express itself - probably the most important part of the training!

The video is serious with many nuances and information about the horse's exact form of expression - namely body language.


Undoubtedly, it is the human task to learn to read the horse, communicate clearly and show confidence.

An effect on all horses no matter the difficulty

The method has been tested on several thousand horses. It has an effect on all horses no matter how difficult, wild, afraid or sweet and easy they are. It works because it is based on the horse’s natural behavior and language enabling it to instinctively understand what is happening.


We establish leadership by adopting the behavior of a lead horse. In this way, we get the horse to voluntarily choose us as their lead without use of force and by continuously giving the horse the option to say no. It requires patience but gives a powerful bond with your horse that expands your possibilities of what you can do with it and makes riding much more joyfull and safe.

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In our opinion, problem horses don't exist

We work with the horse completely free. In order to do this in a safe manner, it is extremely important that we can read the horse's body language and just as important that we know what signals we ourselves are sending with our bodies.

This is why I recommend that if you want to start working with this method, you start with a relatively tame and safe horse and only do what feels safe for you.


This is also why we have chosen to document the work with a 7-year-old Spanish stallion with a couple of years of riding experience.

He was trained in Spain and has never tried this method before. He has also never had a free choice in his life!

In our opinion, problem horses do not exist, but horses can be lower or higher in the natural hierarchy, horses can have physical problems, psychological problems/traumes from past experiences.


With this method, all horses get to tell their story and work through whatever the problem might be...

What you get when buying the video:


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  • Lifetime access to the video

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