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Online training call with Mia

Price: €69,95 for 50 minutes

Book Mia for a online training call

With an online call, you have the opportunity to talk directly with Mia. Get recommendations a and guiding so you can progress in your training.

For only €69,95 you get 50 minutes consulting with Mia. We recommend to prepare as good as possible.


When booking the online call please describe your questions as good as possible so Mia can prepare.

When the meeting is in session

Get started

  • Click “BOOK TIME” to start the process

  • Describe your need for training or questions as detailed as possible, so Mia can prepare.

  • We use Zoom for online meetings and we recommend to start the meeting 10 minutes before, so you have the time to make sure all is working before the meeting starts. 

Make sure that your phone camera is working so Mia can see how the horse responds and guide you from what she sees.

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