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Clinic in US
12-14 April 2024

19-21 April 2024
26-28 April 2024
3-5 May 2024 

Come join us for a US clinic and learn from Mia

Schedule and information 

Mia will work with every horse and owner twice a day. 

Mia will bring a co-WHC instructor and therefore it is possible to work with two horses at the same time. 

For participants not bringing their own horse, we will match each person with the right horse to work with in the training sessions. 

Day 1: 

We begin with Mia doing a short demo and presentation of the method "When Horses Choose". We will learn from each participant what specific themes each participants is especially interested in working with. 

Day 2: 

We begin at 9 AM and the day is about 'leadership'. We will learn about body language, horses behaviour and problem solving in general. We are working with the horses completely free and one at a time. Lunch is 12.30 PM and we will finish the day app. 6 PM. 

Day 3:

We begin the day at 9 AM. We will continue leadership training from ground and in riding. We will see horses choosing to follow our lead and we will see new results in the training. We will work primarily with riding in the afternoon and we will be riding without a bit and in a cord - and maybe even completely free!  


For booking and information please contact: 
Lisa 267-249-8570

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