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Mia has always dreamed of demonstrating that we can ride horses with just a braided string so now we are finally introducing the When Horses Choose's new braided sidepull designed by Mia Lykke Nielsen. 

This innovative bitless bridle features an anatomical neck piece, ensuring maximum comfort for your equine companion. Made from vegan materials, the sidepull also boasts soft padding in memory foam which is pressure-relieving and sleek silver buckles for a professional and stylish look. The ergonomic and anatomical pressure distributing neckpiece provides the best of comfort for your horse during rides, making it an ideal choice for equestrians looking to prioritize their horse's well-being. Best of all, the material is washable, making it easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use. 


Braided Sidepull

SKU: 0900
VAT Included
Color: Black
  • When Horses Chooses new sidepull designed by Mia Lykke Nielsen. 

    Anatomical neck piece.

    Vegan sidepull in braided material, soft padding and silver buckles. 

    This model is with ergonimical and anatomical pressure distributing neckpiece. It will give the best of comfort to the horse. 

    The material makes it possible to take the sidepull and wash it

    Is delivered complete with reins. 

    Color: Black.

    Size: Pony, Cob og Full.

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