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When horses choose openly and freely,
they do it forever! 

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Mia is coming back on a US tour from September 27th - October 29th.

New training video available
When Horses Choose, The Method

We are happy to announce the release of our new training video. 


It's been taking us a long time to produce it, and we are so proud to hear the overwhelming feedback already. 

When Horses Choose - the method with Mia Lykke Nielsen

When Horses Choose - the method with Mia Lykke Nielsen

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Mia is on H&C+ TV


We are SO excited to announce this!

Mia is the first danish horse trainer to have her own episodes on "H&C TV". We have filmed Mia's training with 3 different horses. Each with a very interesting case. 

If you have a subscription to H&C TV, you can watch the episodes already now. 

Mia Lykke Nielsen på Horse & Country TV
Read the horse whisperer interview with Mia Lykke Nielsen by the The Horse Riders Journal.


With a gentle, yet firm approach, danish Mia Lykke Nielsen is among the most popular on the international scene of natural horseman ship.

“If I use tack, I don’t feel like I really believe in it,” Mia explains. “I’ve got no problem with riders who use bits – you can’t compete at Grand Prix level on a bitless dressage horse – but for me, I need to know the horse is with me and that I’m the leader no matter what.

I want the horse to choose to do something freely. Once it does that, then we get the delicate, invisible riding which we all aspire to.”

See Mia work with the method When Horses Choose:


See our first episode on H&C for free here.


Personal video from Mia


How to ride in a cordeo


How to ride without a bit

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